Wednesday, 5 April 2017

Preparation for Writing Bootcamp!

With a week to go until the Writing Bootcamp - the preparations are well under way. My colleague, Jenna, and I not only have to prepare for the Bitesize sessions which we co-facilitate but also for the writing we will be doing alongside participants.

When Jenna pointed out to me that 79% of the time over the two days is dedicated writing time, it did slightly freak me out. It is two days of writing and I expect to be tired towards the end of day two.

I have oodles to write, I'm working on my post-viva thesis corrections - so that's not the problem. For  me, it' actually getting my brain into gear that I will struggle with over the two days.I sometimes find it difficult to switch-hats from facilitator to writer as it's not very often that I do so. We use a Ladybird kitchen timer during the Bootcamp - which I find really helps when I am trying to focus - no need for me to keep checking the clock or my phone for the time. I can keep writing until the timer goes off.

So what am I doing in terms of planning?

As I am at the end of my PhD, I am doing much more 'editing'  and re-writing now rather than writing material from scratch. I'm also having to do some re-structuring of parts of the thesis - which is a lot of reading, highlighting and eventually 'cutting and pasting'.

I've been putting together a plan of the sections I plan to work on during the Bootcamp - what order I am going to look at different sections and which journals or books I need to have on hand.

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