Sunday, 10 May 2015

Post-viva; corrections, work and life!

I've always been of the mindset that academic works are about progress and not perfection, whether that is an essay, article of even a PhD thesis. Actually life is more of progress and less of perfection.

The last few months, since I submitted and then had my Viva have, in all honesty, been an odd mix of emotions and of life related re-organisation. 

The viva didn't go as well as expected, actually it was pretty awful, I have a lot of corrections and have to re-submit my thesis. The content of the corrections are actually quite reasonable and the experience of the viva is something I can hopefully (and intend to) put to good use in future.  

On the up-side, there are many positives from the last few months. I'm currently working full-time with a team of people that are amazing to work with. Too many of them to name, but they know who they are! 

I'm getting to grips with the corrections, I will not be beaten and certainly not by a thesis. I'm also now a student on the PostGraduate Certificate in Academic Practice. It's part-time and is partly CPD. Studying again, you know because I'm not busy enough!

So are part of my 'progress not perfection I'm trying to manage my writing a little differently.
I'm trialling using Scrivener. It may go well, it may not. I've wanted to try it for while, so now is as good a time as any! Thanks Inger (@ThesisWhisperer) for the inspiration! 

Wish me luck!