Monday, 13 October 2014

Finishing a PhD...nearly there!

Sorry I have been really quiet the last wee while, I've been working on my thesis- it's due for submission at the end of October! Yes, this October! and Yes, I know how close that is!

My desk is semi-strewn with the revisions to the full draft - thankfully my supervisor didn't say I had to re-write the whole thing :) - so in the grand scheme, the revisions are just another stage in what is the long journey of researching and writing a PhD thesis. It is progress not perfection! 

For the last few months now there has been a large post-it on my office wall that says "Submission = Lusaka". As the date for submission gets closer (3 weeks away) I've booked my flights to Zambia, taken the post-it off the wall and replaced it with a list of other stuff I now have to do in preparation for the trip. I've had my typhoid booster, thankfully just one injection this time as I've had everything else!!  This will be my first visit to Lusaka but not my first time in that region of Africa (having spent many months in Malawi) I wonder how much Chichewa I will remember- and if it will be useful! 

There have been a few changes in the last couple of weeks; I've started a new job with the Institute for Academic Development, promoted and now with a permanent contract - I'm continuing to work with the operations team. The IAD turns into a crazy place this time of year - the calm(ish) summer months have been left behind for the buzz of the new academic year.  I've also become the section co-ordinator for Baden-Powell at Guides and now I'm helping to organise the Division Thinking Day activities! I really must get better at saying 'no'.

I'll also be starting the PgCert in Academic Practise in December - I'll go from full-time student in Social Sciences to part-time student at Moray House School of Education. So much for putting down the books after submission!  I'm an educationalist at heart and the option to do the PgCert straight after a PhD may sound crazy, probably is crazy but I would just get bored if all I had to do was go to work...