Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Today I've been writing about...

It's not very often that someone asks me about what I have am writing about in great detail. It's probably a good thing..if I'm honest because the answer could be weird, even weirder than this one!

However, if you were ask me today what I was writing about, not in general ..what is your thesis on.. but in detail, then the answer would be "I'm writing about toilets and chickens". Not exactly the answer you would expect - I know. You're now thinking "how does toilets and chickens fit into global school-partnerships" . Well surprisingly rather well. I should point out that the sub topics of toilets and chickens are not actually related to each other, nor thankfully were the chickens in the toilets -or they weren't to my knowledge.

After a while of writing, I sometimes get flashbacks from fieldwork - like been given a tour of various toilet blocks - apparently schools in Malawi are very proud of their toilets, especially when they have been the result of having a link to a school in Scotland.  My flashback to the chickens; was the opening a classroom door, finding the classroom has been turned into a temporary chicken coop and the door being quickly shut. Chicken coop experience over!

So today blog followers, interested readers, work colleagues, fellow PhD students (and possibly my supervisors), today I have been writing about toilets and chickens!