Monday, 4 November 2013

How do I manage myself?

I used to think I was pretty good at managing my time and myself - recently not so much! I seem to spend more and more time doing not very much! So I went on a course about time management.  As part of the course we talked about clock time and flow time.

Unfortunately for me, my "flow" time doesn't match the widely accepted "clock" time that most of the working world adheres to - in my case I work best in the early hours of the morning, which either means becoming nocturnal (not ideal when you are also working) or getting up really early! So I get up early - I'm reasonably good at getting up early anyway but 6am starts are less and less appealing as the winter approaches!

So what strategies have I put in place to manage myself?

  1. The heating comes on before the alarm goes off!  - the cold is not an excuse for not getting up
  2. My bag is mostly sorted out the night before!  - saves me time wasting in the morning
  3. My phone reads out my diary for the morning  - it's a good reminder of where I have to be and when.
  4. On PhD days, when I get to the office, I make a cup of tea and check my emails first thing
  5. I'm making the effort to get on with writing during the day and not during the night!

So as winter approaches, I hope I am making the effort to work with winter and not against it - it's not a good excuse to hibernate, hide from the weather or the office!

Will I manage my time and myself better? I'm not sure I will, but hopefully I will be less likely to get distracted. Now all I need to do is avoid getting ill!