Tuesday, 24 September 2013

"Alli Coyle from Scotland to Malawi" has a new look

I started this blog as I was finishing my MSc dissertation, mainly as a way for my friends and family to keep track of what I was up to in Edinburgh and Malawi. The posts vary over time, with some slightly more humorous tales of my encounters with Heathrow's terminal 1  "A Journey of Adventure"  to  "As the crow flies: A researchers guide to logistics"; which is less of a logistics guide and more about my adventure to the Orkney islands.

As the years have went on and I've progressed further into my research, changed jobs and started  volunteering (again), the blog posts have varied between my adventures on fieldwork to some of the more mundane times spent in the PhD office. There is even a post about World Thinking Day for Girl Guides and Scouts.

Today I attended a seminar session with Inger Mewburn (thesiswhisperer) where she focused on blogging and tweeting for researchers.  As I sat in the session, I began to think a little more critically at my own blog and twitter - do I use them well? (feel free to answer that question). I've got better at using twitter and tweeting more regularly - It took me ages to get into twitter and I used to think it was something I couldn't really benefit from. However I have found that if I tweet about a new post then my blog gets more hits than if I don't tweet it.

I do try to blog regularly and every couple of weeks a reminder pops up in my diary that it's about time to write another blog post. As I'm getting towards the end of my PhD and I find my writing becoming more focused, it's sometimes difficult to write an interesting blog post that engages beyond my research. So if you have any reasonable suggestions or questions (research related or not) that you would like me to blog about tweet me. @amcoyle87