Tuesday, 27 August 2013

A guilt free evening exploring Edinburgh!

It's been a while since I've blogged and sometimes when my daily routine consists of eating, writing, working and sleeping there isn't much to blog about. I don't often think that I can really justify putting down the thesis and doing something else - wherever I am I always have a bit of my thesis in some format. A journal article saved on my phone to read on the bus or a bit of a chapter on my tablet.

However this evening, I'm going to do something completely thesis free (well nearly). Panji is visiting from Malawi and will be spending a few hours with me in Edinburgh - a flying visit to the capital city. I may not be working on my Thesis, but I can't help feeling that the conversation will stray into the current goings-on in Malawi and talking about Mary's Meals. This is Panji's first visit to Scotland and as he's here for work, it will be nice to show him a wee bit of Auld Reekie. Most likely the debate of salt n sauce v's salt n vinegar might be up for discussion - Malawians this is the equivalent of mayo versus nali with your chips!

So for a few hours, I'm going to lock my thesis in my office and try to forget about it for a few hours (sorry Supervisors). Guilt free.  
I sometimes wonder how many people feel guilty about doing something other than working on their thesis?  I'm lucky that my working for the IAD and on Researcher Development/Doctoral Training means that my thesis is never far from my mind - sometimes having to re-read the PG Essentials webpages gives me a headache, but at least I can say I'm pretty well versed in what I should be doing as PhD student in the writing-up stages.

So whilst, I have a think about where to take Panji this evening, there is one thing I won't be feeling - guilty about putting my thesis down for an evening.