Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Mary's Meals, AMECA and adjusting to Edinburgh

I keep being asked how long I've been back for - eh I got back on the 20th Sept - is normally the answer. Time just flies past, not necessarily because I am having fun but because I am constantly working on something.  I knew I would start to get more stressed as I began writing and trying to balance my PhD with working for the IAD. What I didn't really bargain on was Kate going on maternity leave and Fiona leaving us to move to London.

I attended the Mary's Meals Open Day on 4th November. There was a 5 minute film about Mary's Meals over the last ten years (it's on the Mary's Meals Facebook page) and then the showing of Child31. Child 31 is an OSCAR nominated documentary about Mary's Meals in Malawi, India and Kenya. It was nice to see the Malawi staff (mainly Panji) talking about the benefits of Mary's Meals. I'm waiting on the application forms to become an official speaker  - although I think I'm currently an unofficial speaker as Mary's Meals manages to find their way into all my discussions of Malawi.

Another organisation which creeps into the discussion is AMECA. It normally starts with stories of my crazy (in a good way) friend Ruthie Marcus and the wonderful work she is doing!  The AMECA wind is a two-storey building comprising a private day surgical ward, training facilities and a cafe...the cake in the cafe is really good!...The revenue from these facilities are used to fund free orthopaedic treatment at Beit CURE International Hospital for the children of Malawi and also contribute to the Malawian National Club Foot Programme.

So I've been back for more than a month but I still miss bits of Malawi - I miss Fanta Passion,  I miss having onions in my boiled potatoes, I miss Chez Maky steak and Axchelle's Bonafi (Banoffee) Pie. I miss the sunshine and that it's warm enough to wear flip flops. I also miss the people and going for walks around Blantyre. I miss the Kwacha and not having loads of coins to carry around. Then again, I like having my own kitchen and being able to cook and bake as and when I wish. I like that I am able to go out at night, without worrying about getting home after dark, and I like that there is no 4am wake up from the Mosque.

So i'm now going to stop blogging and get back to writing up my PhD... after all the sooner I get it finished the sooner I can go back to Malawi! :D