Monday, 12 March 2012

It's week 8 and that only means only one thing:MARKING!

Okay so week 8, Isn't always about Marking, sometimes it happens in week 7, but mostly it occurs in week . It takes over everything else you thought you were going to do during the week.

Well the weekend before last, I made a break for it and went to Oxford for the Researching Africa Day Conference. It was actually really interesting and despite my total lack of sleep and lack of food, I survived with few awkward questions and was able to spend some time exploring (what I mean is I got lost, walked round in circles and happened to come across some of the places I was looking for). I did however find the fudge shop and managed to work out how to get access to the Bodleian Library.

I knew I was coming back to Marking, lots and lots of marking, it seems never ending and every time I think I've finished there is another bundle to get done. I like the teaching part, not so much a fan of the marking part. So glad I'm out of the country when it's exam marking time.

So last weekend I escaped to Glasgow on Saturday for the day, had pizza in DiMaggio and spent ages going from Argyll St to Buchanan St to Sauchiehall St and back again! It was worth the walking even if I didn't achieve me objective of buying new luggage, I did get a replacement jacket for the one that was beyond repair. I have since found and purchased luggage.

So this week is more marking, and meetings and learning to juggle, yes I said juggle. It can about because someone in my office is learning to juggle, it's linked to work in some way (i have no idea how) and since having a mini-lesson in the office I've found the juggling balls (yes i did own some) and I've started to practice.

So this week is made up of marking and juggling...