Sunday, 29 May 2011

ECAS, Malawi, Sweden, Malawi...stitches and broken bones

So I'm making an effort to get better at the blogging and try to do it more regularly (this is mainly due to the fact that a friend has started blogging, and now i feel slightly guilty at the lack of blogs).

So as the title suggests I've been going in circles (again) between getting prepared for Sweden then Malawi, but disaster has struck. Not me personally but my mum decided that the best place to faint was next to the coffee table which means she proceeded to damage her jaw. She may need surgery and she's had 4 stitches in her chin - on the bright side she seems rather chirpy on the phone, whether this is the prospect of 6 weeks off work or possibly losing weight due to her restricted diet, I'm not so sure - either way she seems to be muddling along. I've now warned everyone in sight not to injure themselves in any way, shape or form till I'm out the country.

The list for Malawi is getting ever longer and I'm onto my second list (at this point i can hear some of you say: "OCD") - well yes probably and when the time to pack comes I suspect it will just get worse. I'm not really that bad, but I have my moments and I am a bit of a neat freak  - I'm not quite Monica from Friends, but close enough! I'm due to have my last set of injections on Wednesday, the bit I was trying to avoid most has become the straightforward - who would have thought a nurse would get so much pleasure out of sticking a sharp object in someones arms...i know of at least one! So far the Yellow Fever hasn't made me feel like death up for a heat, but then again there is still time.

I'm kind of marking Tuesday as my day of freedom, once I submit my ECAS paper I fully intend on doing nothing for at least 2 days - well I say that, it's likely I'll try and work through my lists.  Booking and finalising accommodation for staying in Blantyre and Zomba is at the top along with things like insurance and for some strange reason flight socks - well they are important i suppose. So the list goes on...

1. Accommodation, 2. Insurance, 3. Flight Socks  etc etc etc

Saturday, 28 May 2011

End of term...beginning of term...end of term...beginning of term

So it's been a rather long time since I last posted a blog, but then the end of the term is always the busiest - essay marking, final tutorials, exam revision, exam marking and that's just for the tutoring. I've had my Transition Board and passed (yay, relief!). My flights and accommodation are all sorted for going to Uppsala in a few weeks and I've booked my flights for going to Malawi and it seems I have somewhere to stay!

It's been endless hours of reading, writing, rewriting, marking, more reading! I have now returned my HUGE pile of books to the library possibly to the relief of my book-ends one of which decided to break in protest! - It is now fixed and currently resting and not holding up books!

I've started to get organised for Malawi - sunscreen, mosquito repellent, more sunscreen, shampoo, more sunscreen! The woman in Boots thought I was a nutter buying two large bottles for factor 50! - there is a reason, not only do i normally fry like a lobster when the sun even mentions coming out (and I don't mean from the closet) but given the side effect of the anti-malarial meds is sensitivity to sunlight (i.e ye'll burn quicker) it seems factor 50 is the order of the day!  I have a list - a very long list- of things to take with me, though I am making an effort to pack lightly - it may not go well.

On realising the date (freaks out slightly) - it's neither long till Sweden on Malawi - I just hope i have the time to take it all in and enjoy it. I hate it when people go to a foreign country and don't leave the hotel/resort, so i suspect my trip is going to be an adventure...