Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Week 6 - Write when you have something to say!

So I've been told by my friend Mark (the tech guy not the Minister) that I should write when i have something to say. Well I do have something to celebrate, I submitted an abstract to ECAS (European Conference of African Studies) which was accepted. I will be off to Sweden for 5 days or so in June to present my paper.

This is also the reading week for undergraduate students, which gives me a slight break from tutoring! Though it's being used to prepare for the huge amount of marking I'll have to do. I'm also preparing for my transition board, which hopefully will take place around the end of March (the dates seem to keep being brought forward - I had one condition, it couldn't be around my birthday). I'll have to submit my draft paper by the end of the month - oh the joys!

It also seems to be the time of the semester when there are constant meetings/ rehearsals for different things! On the bright side my sight reading has improved - my clarinet playing however is still rather questionable! So on that note I'm going to get some sleep and start tomorrow with more reading and writing...

Sunday, 6 February 2011

Feb 6th and the beginning of week 5!

Well we are into week five of the semester, I can't believe we are half way through the second term. It's been all go though - lots of reading, writing and tutoring. With every week that goes by I seem to have something else to tackle, I'm considering this a good thing.

So far this semester - I've written up my class plans for tutoring and i'm actually enjoying doing the reading! I've written a good chunk of my proposal and submitted it to my supervisors (i think the first time is the scariest) - I'm now reviewing it, I've applied for funding (again), I've chosen music for the SPS choir, sorted all my books and notes and even managed to have a couple of nights out.I've organised the PhD/Staff Friday lunch again -which was not only successful but James even remembered to bring the cakes!!

Ok so technically the last half are procrastinating rather than working, but everyone needs a break - right?  I'm trying to give some balance to the work, work, work - no life strategy that i used to have, so actually having a  social life is somewhat exciting!!

Oh and one more thing - I can't wait to get to go on fieldwork!