Sunday, 18 July 2010

Crossroads, Traffic Lights and small Hills - and thats just to get to Uni!

OK so this is my first post and the title is probably slightly misleading. I'm currently working on my MSc dissertation - apologies to all the post-grads but it had to be mentioned. As the profile says the purpose of setting up this blog is to try to give the outside world, if not just myself a glimpse of the life of a post-grad research student.

It's not all just sitting at a computer typing, or reading lots of books and academic journals, though for the most part at the moment it seems that's all I do. Well that's not quite true, I'm currently on an internship with the Scotland-Malawi Partnership, my role as the Higher Education Intern keeps me on my toes!

OK  so you're probably more interested in the reason for the title - well basically I  decided that cycling to Uni would be more efficient and better for my health than walking. That was until I attempted it!! Manging to negotiate the cobbles, crossroads and traffic lights, I made it to the traffic free Meadows, only to discover that Middle Meadow Walk is an ever so slight hill - its fair to say i struggled at best to get to the half way mark required to turn into uni.  Cycling it appears is no more efficient at the moment than walking but hopefully I will soon be flying up the hill to get to uni and if not - I'll go back to the slower but less tasking option of walking.

I will be continuing the blog, with hopefully more interesting tales than my lack of fitness - hopefully with an insight into the return of sanity after completing an MSc and the new stresses and successes in commencing a PhD!!!

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